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I would say that cost is a major driver, since you can get a lot more premium beer than you can premium wine with the same amount of cash. Also, beer has a consumer preference advantage because it's packaged to better accommodate individual consumption (there's a big difference in drinking a bottle of beer compared to drinking a bottle of wine - people look at you really strangely if you try to consume the bottle of wine the same way you'd consume a bottle or can of beer.)

The good news for wine consumers is that wine may not be too far behind beer in packaging innovations:

I especially like the description: "a Capri-Sun for adults"!


Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't the comparison be between cheap and premium beers, not between premium beers and premium wines.


Not necessarily. Who's to say that when it comes to premium alcohol beverages that they're not fungible on some level?

Beer koozies

Anyway, I still love beer and drink beer whenever I have free time !

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