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I am not very good with this stuff, but it sounds like a BHO (browser help object) problem. If you were running IE, I would say it was definitely this - I don't know how much Firefox relies on the same BHO structure. There use to be a program called BHO Demon to that was fee and let you see what was going on and fix problems, but I think the author no longer supports it. For example, inserted BHO's can definitely change your search page.

As an alternative, you might try hijackthis, also free, which lets you look at a variety of potential problems including BHO issues and remove stuff that should not be there


Thanks. I downloaded a pop-up blocking program called AdArrest and it's been running for about an hour now. I haven't gotten any pop-ups for awhile. But I'm still having problems with my Google searches. I found that double-clicking links instead of single-clicking them seems to take me to my desired page instead of the spammers' pages.

The only other action I took was to manually clean out my temporary file. My spyware program (AdAware) is still running its full scan and nothing suspicious has been reported yet.

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