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It's funny how economists show what I, as a 16 year old believed, when I was making 4.25 as a dishwasher. I knew that if they bumped up the minimum wage, it would simply increase the price of the goods my restaurant provided. I guess other people realize that as well, they just don't believe that the increase in the cost of goods will offset any good by higher wages. But, the poor spend a larger portion of their money on groceries and fast food, so you think the negative side effects would be apparent.

I also believed that since I was a 16 year old doing a job that took 1 hour of training, then I was probably getting what I was worth. Hence, my desire to get promoted to cook, and go to college so that I could have a job that doesn't suck and with which I could feed my family. Who knew I could just vote Democrat?

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