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At my school and at others I know of in this area, many students regard any class in the morning as "too early".


In my undergraduate days, there was one 8am class that ways always popular. Prof X preferred to teach 8am classes. She was known as a difficult grader but also a dynamic, energetic presence in the classroom. If you wanted to get your day off with a jolt, you took her classes. Surprisingly, a number of students did.


I miss the days where 8 is "early." I hated 8:30 classes, but sometimes, even in a college of 20,000, you didn't have a choice if you wanted to take a certain class. 7:30 physics lab was excruciating.


Just a comparison point to Chance: I taught a lecture course that was half as large (500) as my undergraduate alma mater (M'side - about 950-1000 students total at the time I went there in the mid 80's).

I don't recall taking many, if any 8 o'clock classes at M'side. All my Master's classes at UNO were night classes. I believe my micro seminar at Mizzou was an 8 AM class. I didn't prefer being a student at 8, but I don't mind being the teacher at that time.

Chris S.

At my university, all departments were required to have a certain percentage of their classes before 9am, after 4pm, or on Friday. A little more dictatorial and less free-market than lowering the price for early classes, but it seemed to work well.

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