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I don't know how things like this work in Minnesota, but in NYC where I live there is a fairly easy way of significantly increasing your chances of getting out of jury duty. You are allowed at least one, and sometimes two postponments of up to six months each. Choose the date you want the postponment to be as the week of a legal holiday. The case load in those weeks is a lot lighter, especially if the legal holiday comes out in the middle of the week. However, the same number of jurors as in a regular week are either called up or are standby jurors. So your chances of actually being chosen to sit (or if you are standby juror, being called up at all) are much smaller than usual.

John Whitehead

Hmmm, and how did it work out with the legal clerk? details! details!



Let's just say that I've been married to a pharmacist for nearly 20 years, not to a legal clerk.

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