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Artemis Sohrt

You mean da Powahsistah, doncha?


"all funned out". Great expression!

Me, too. Had to go to the office one evening and sleep there to beat a coming snow storm; and then two days later got trapped by a storm, with roads closed, and had to stay with my son and his family.

Artemis Sohrt

That's better.

BTW, as of this first full week of March, we are finally getting some decent weather here along the Front Range of Colorado. But, they say that March is one of the snowiest months around here. That said, we'll probably get a repeat performance of the 2nd week of March, 2003, a time I would so like to forget about.


Do you get frost heaves in MN? We get them in Maine. The roads end up with speed bump like formations - some so bad they actually put up signs warning drivers.

And we've got two feet on the ground with drifts up to five.


We got 27" over a week's period. That's enough for me.

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