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We in Canada barbecue outdoors no matter what the weather or temperature.


Now don't be a braggart.

William Polley

Our low temps have been approximately zero (F) for the past few days. I enjoy going into the office saying, "Now that's more like it! Feels like home!"

Brian Ferguson

Close, but people in Miami start putting on their coats etc when the temperature drops to between 50 and 60 above. I once flew from NY, where it had been below 0 F, to Miami, where it was in the 60s, and where my cab driver apologized for the car being so cold. The winter coat I was lugging probably made him think that I was a local.


I arrived at the 2002 ASSA meetings in Atlanta the day 4 inches of snow fell (a weekday). The city was virtually shut down that afternoon.

Artemis Sohrt

When it gets above 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C here in Colorado, people around here start complaining they're too hot.

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