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Would it not be a mistake to assume that desperation for Walmart jobs reflects a total acceptance and approval of their practices?


The Tom Delay-Jack Abramoff sweat shops in Saipan always seemed to find plenty of workers. It shows that young asian women really want forced abortions and no wages.


We must stamp out this concept of freedom. Walmart is proof that bad things happen when people can make their own choices.

People need the government to tell them where to work and where to shop. Nobody looks out for your best interests like the guy who got the most votes.

Vote Democrat! Free lobotomies!


That people work in sweatshops - willingly - shows how bad their alternatives are.

That 25,000 people put in their apps... without coercion, is a strong indication that WalMart isn't all that bad of a place to work. Of course, we can always try and force WalMart to pay its workers more, but all that will do is give WalMart a reason to employ more non-labor resources to keep its prices low. Then we can complain about the lack of jobs for unskilled workers.


It is interesting logic, but I don't see how this is proven. The fact that Walmart may not be the worst possible choice out there does not mean it is the best. Likewise, sweatshops might not be the worst possible choice for some, but that does not mean it becomes a great choice.

We would need more data to determine just what the (alleged) 25,000 applications actually mean. We would need to know what those people are currently doing with their time and what their criminal records and credit reports may say about them. Throwing out a number without supporting data proves nothing other than what it shows. Any applications from people that are not hirable should be tossed aside, if you are actually trying to prove a genuine point.

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