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William Polley

Oh the memories of cars in the high school parking lot. Some classics:

One friend had a Pinto station wagon--bright orange with wood grain door panels--probably about a '77 or '78, I forget. Yes, the orange with simulated wood grain was actually as hideous as you might imagine.

Another had a Pinto wagon of about the same vintage that was white, I think. That one seemed to have more mechanical issues. (The orange one ran surprisingly well.)

And of course there were a few products of American Motors. The Matador was a favorite--Hornets and Gremlins less so.

Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Phil Miller

One of my band buddies had a Pinto. We often thought he'd get rear-ended and it'd go up in a great bal of fire. From what I recall, only one friend had a true muscle car: a 1971 Chevy Nova, silver with black rally stripes. That was a nice car.

Pedal Ride on Car

Everytime I think of the Pinto I remember the scene from one of the Police Academy movies where, I think, this little Honda goes through hell, running over things and smashing other cars except when it comes rolling into a football field and slowly stops. But before it stops, it ever so gently hits the backend of Pinto and gets blown to simthereens. Back then it was pretty funny, guess you had to be there. :)

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