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price gouging happens, and it is a natural occuring market phenomenon. I couldn't have said it better myself. Prices go up because people want things more than previously, and they want more of those things that current inventories/production are able to supply.

Nobody ever accused the stock-broker for "price-gouging" but it's the same thing, if you will. More people want the promising blue-chip stock, as a result, the broker can sell it at a higher price. I don't see a problem with either. or real estate: a 3 BR ranch, 1500 Sq Ft, in my area runs about 260K, on a 60x90 foot lot. Go a little ways south, to Detroit, and you can get a 5 Bedroom Colonial on a 40X80 foot lot, about 4300 Sq Ft for maybe $150K.

Why? Because everyone wants to live in the suburbs, and nobody wants to live in Detroit.

thanks for keeping it real.

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